Door Entry Systems

Audio / Video Entry systems can be provided for a single entrance door or for an apartment building or complex for private apartment blocks, student accommodation, social housing and commercial premises.

Within each apartment we can provide a system that may include:
Audio only handsets or Mono/ Colour handsets with speech and screen facility that residents can verify or view who the caller is at the main entrance of the block and then release the lock on the entrance doors to allow access as required.

Concierge Desk—Visitors to the apartment complex may call the concierge desk for deliveries or after being unable to speak to a resident—the concierge can authorise access to the complex. The Concierge can also have the ability to communicate to all residents’ apartments and vice versa with residents’ communication to the concierge desk. The concierge desk can have a desk mounted monitor to view the main entrance.

Audio/ Video door entry panels provided by us are normally stainless steel, vandal proof / resistant, with either individual apartment number buttons or a digital system to press to call the apartment or concierge button. Bespoke panels can also be provided to suite your particular requirements. Full DDA compliance is available. Optional services, for instance off-site calling in the case of “no answer”, can be also incorporated.

Access Control – Electronic access control provides an efficient and convenient way of keeping your building and it’s occupants secure. Our access control systems are flexible enough to cater for all requirements. The basic system can serve from one to one hundred users. Multi Site systems can accommodate many more users providing management with control over times of access to selected areas and by personnel.

Fob Entry Systems range from standalone to multiple readers controlled by a PC. Fobs can be programmed to only allow access into authorised areas.

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